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Whiplash – Why rest is not the best!

When you have Whiplash injury, it hurts and all you really feel like doing is lying down, taking pain medication and not moving until the pain subsides.


Research has shown that this passive approach is the worst way you can manage Whiplash and can lead not only to more pain in the short term but also a greater chance of your pain becoming chronic and you always having a sore neck.

But this can be avoided if you take an active approach to managing your Whiplash injury and this is most safely done with a Physiotherapist. A Physiotherapist can take you step by step through an effective, safe and structured program to help you recover from this injury and get back to living life to the fullest.

Watch this video for more information on Whiplash Injuries and what you can do to make sure your Whiplash injury doesn’t stick around longer then it needs to.