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Runner’s knee is the nickname for a condition called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. It gets this nickname because – you guessed it – it is common in runners.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is where pain originates from where the kneecap meets the thigh bone.
Common symptoms that people experience with this condition include

  • Pain felt around the front of the knee
  • Pain with going up or down stairs
  • Pain with sitting with the knee bent for long periods
  • Pain with squatting or lunging

There can be many factors that contribute to this condition and is important to have a physiotherapist assess your knee and work out what is causing the problem. Things that your physio may look at include


  • Weakness in the thigh or hip muscles
  • Tightness in the thigh or hip muscles
  • Foot posture
  • Poor biomechanics / movement dysfunction

Once your physio works out what’s involved, all of the contributing factors found in the assessment will be addressed. Treatment can involve taping, muscle releases, strengthening exercises for the knee, hip or foot, joint mobilisation, movement retraining or prescription of orthotics.
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