A Great Solution for Rotator Cuff Injury

A great solution for rotator cuff injury!

The rotator cuff - it can be the source of so much shoulder pain. It can keep you awake at night, stop you from reaching above your head and just be painful!

There are many great exercises for strengthening the rotator cuff, but the crucial thing you must do prior to starting these is to have an assessment with an experienced Physiotherapist to ascertain which of the rotator cuff muscles (or other area of the shoulder) is driving your pain.

In the mean time though, here is a great upper back and shoulder strengthening exercise that focuses more on stabilising the shoulder blade (the attachment point for your rotator cuff muscles). This is vitally important to do and is the starting point for all our rotator cuff patients to ensure they get lasting results. Failing to get this right is like building a house with no foundations - it will just crack and fall down. Strengthening this area can take a huge amount of pressure out of the shoulder and allow it to function more normally.

So check out this upper back and shoulder strengthening vid - it will help with your posture too!!

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