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Are you in Pain?

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Our goal is to get you living pain free, doing the things you love!

How do we achieve this?

  • A Comprehensive Assessment to diagnose your current injury and the impact its having on your life. 
  • Hands on Treatment to provide immediate pain relief from the first session.
  • An Individualised Written Plan so you understand the path to achieving your personal health goals and becoming painfree. 
  • We guide you step by step through your rehabilitation to ensure that you achieve lasting results.
  • Enjoy $40 off your Initial Consultation (please call for prices as they may vary depending on situation)

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Our Physiotherapists offer quality care for a broad range of conditions including:

  • Sciatica
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Pregnancy Pain & Post Partem Rehabiliation

Aushealth Physiotherapy proudly supports the Northern Beaches of Sydney including the suburbs of Brookvale, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Beacon Hill, Allambie Heights, Manly, Balgowlah and Warringah Mall.

Teira Jansen - Director

  • 02 9905 0048
  • Level 2 Brookvale House, 1a Cross St, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Every day, My Team and I help people like you achieve your personal health goals by addressing the underlying issues causing your injury and helping you to move away from pain. We want you to live the active life you want to live, without being controlled by your pain. 

We have a very systematic approach to treatment, which ensures you know exactly what is going wrong for you, what you yourself can do to improve your condition and what the best management approach is so you can become pain free and stay that way.

For a comprehensive list of conditions we regularly treat and get great results for, click here. 

Sarah Pedersen - Physiotherapist 

  • 02 9905 0048
  • Level 2 Brookvale House, 1a Cross St, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Sarah studied at the University of Sydney, first completing a Bachelor of Health Science and Human movement and then following this up with a Masters of Physiotherapy.  

With experience working with Sports teams including both the Sydney University and Northern Suburbs Rugby Union teams – she loves getting in on all the action and ensuring that patients maximise their sporting potential. If its important to you to stay on the field longer or get back to playing faster – Sarah is the person to see!  

Sarah’s interests also include working with neck and back pain, pre and postnatal care and hand and elbow injuries, including waterproof casting and splinting.  

Being a Physiotherapist to Sarah means that she can actively promote healthy living, help people overcome obstacles and reach their goals safely and effectively.  

Outside of work you may see Sarah skateboarding along manly Boardwalk, surfing with friends, playing Touch Football, at the gym or having coffee in Manly.


Ryan Farrell - Physiotherapist 

  • 02 9905 0048
  • Level 2 Brookvale House, 1a Cross St, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Not only is Ryan an enthusiastic and results driven Physiotherapist, but he’s also a competitive sports person, giving him the extra edge and inside knowledge for dominating sports injuries and getting his patients back on the field quickly and safely.  

Ryan also has experience working with a number of sporting team’s in sports such as cricket, rugby, basketball, hockey, softball and gymnastics. This experience has given him the ability to treat a wide range of sporting injuries, as well as knowing the best way to get you back on the field as quick as possible.  

Ryan’s interest in Physiotherapy started from being a keen sportsman growing up, mainly in cricket, rugby league and rugby union and picking up multiple injuries on the way. His personal injuries on the sporting field led him to initially be very interested in knee, ankle and shoulder injuries. His interests have since grown to include neck, back, hip and particularly injuries in adolescents, including “growing pains”. He sees this as an area that is often not treated well due to lack of understanding and can have ongoing serious effects on a young person’s ability to participate fully in sports as they get older if not treated properly.  

So if you want a Physiotherapist who employs an holistic approach to his treatment, also striving to get to the bottom of your injury and find you a solution to not only fix it, but also prevent it from happening again, then Ryan is your man.  

Outside of the clinic, you may catch Ryan at the beach enjoying some sun, at the gym, on his snowboard or you might even catch him at the crease playing for Manly’s 1st Grade Cricket side.

Nick Spence - Physiotherapist 

  • 02 9905 0048
  • Level 2 Brookvale House, 1a Cross St, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Looking for a Physiotherapist who is passionate about helping you achieve real and lasting results? Nick is your man! He is passionate about helping his patients achieve their goals through a combination of hands on and exercise based treatment.  

Nick’s background includes 11 years of representative level Baseball as well as competing in Rugby Union and Rugby League so he understands the importance of establishing clearing defined goals and taking an active approach through exercise to help you achieve them. This is why his patients feel great.  

Nick completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Western Sydney, and a Master’s of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. This has given him the knowledge and skills to assess and treat a range of conditions. Nick has experience working in the Private Practice setting treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions including (but not limited to) treating hips, ankles, shoulders, lower backs and knees (a particular favourite!). He has experience looking after patients immediately post orthopedic surgery, with neurological conditions (particularly following stroke) and he has cared for people in the aged care setting.  

Whether you are an athlete with an injury and you want to get back on the field safely (and quickly!) or have pain or discomfort that is impacting on your day, come in and be treated by Nick.  

When Nick isn’t working at the clinic you may find him at the gym, at the beach, playing Oz tag or hanging out with friends and family.