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Do you keep spraining your ankle?

80% of people who see a physio for an ankle sprain have sprained it before in the last 12 months

Why is this?

When we sprain the ligaments in our ankle, we damage sensors in the ligaments that tell our brains what position the joint is in – these are called proprioceptors.


Proprioception is like a sixth sense, and it helps our joints avoid dangerous positions while we are on the move.

When these sensors are damaged, our brain doesn’t know when our ankle is getting into a dangerous position and we are greater risk for repeated sprains and more damage.

Don’t stress – this sixth sense can be fixed with the right type of rehab guided by your Physiotherapist. If you have the right rehab, you are much less likely to have another sprain and avoid other injuries that might be caused by a poorly functioning ankle.

The way to fix these sensors is to progressively challenge them in a controlled environment. This might involve balancing on one leg, using a wobble board, balancing on foam surfaces and jumping and landing drills.

So if you’ve sprained your ankle in the past don’t risk further injury, let the Physio’s at Aushealth Physiotherapy put you through your paces and help you regain confidence in your ankle. Give us a call on 9905 0048 or click to make an online booking.