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Do your feet or heels hurt with every step you take?
Walking doesn’t need to be painful!

We use our feet constantly so it is no wonder they are often a source of pain. The most common place for pain in the feet is on the inside edge of the heel and this is generally due to plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. This pain may simply begin for no apparent reason or it may start after changing you normal shoes or the surface you are walking on, following a fall, changing your exercise routine or even just putting on a few extra kilos. Initially your foot pain may be more apparent when taking your initial steps in the morning or after rest and then subside as you warm up. As the condition worsens, your pain may become more persistent and remain for longer. Other common foot conditions include Achilles’ tendinopathy, Moreton’s neuroma, stress fracture and bunions.

Often we see foot or heel pain as a minor injury and thus don’t seek advice on it, or we just treat it with “off the shelf” heel cups or something similar. Whilst these may provide some relief, they generally fail to address the underlying issues causing your foot pain, which are often problems within the joints and muscles of the foot itself and poor lower limb biomechanics.

Foot problems affect the way we walk and change the way we transfer load up through the rest of our body. If left unchecked, other joints may also be affected by your foot injury, leading to further complications and increased recovery time.

At Aushealth Physiotherapy we treat patients with foot problems daily and we get great results. Our Physiotherapists are highly trained in the assessment of foot and heel injuries and we know, as with any musculoskeletal injury, a correct diagnosis is essential for effective management. We conduct a thorough assessment, including a full lower limb assessment, and we utilise the latest in 3D digital force plate technology to determine the precise source of your pain. Based on our findings and your goals, we develop an individualised treatment plan focused on pain relief, correction of abnormal biomechanics and return to normal function. We are able to refer for X-Ray and MRI’s for further information when necessary and we liaise with Foot and Ankle Specialists regularly to ensure the most thorough of management plans, which achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Treatment for foot and heel pain may include but is not limited to:

  • Hands on (Manual) therapy
  • Exercise based therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Postural re-education
  • Orthotic prescription
  • Specialised digital biomechanical analysis
  • Sports specific training

Our Physiotherapists are also able to advise regarding activity modification and the best footwear for you.

Remember, the sooner you address your pain, the faster you’ll be back doing what you enjoy. Call 99050048 for an appointment with one of our experienced Physiotherapists today.