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Love sports? Us too!
Hate injuries keeping you from sports? US TOO!

For most people being active is a part of life. For some a simple walk along the beach in the morning/evening is their tipple, however others crave a tougher challenge. Whether it’s a weekly light 5km jog, a weekend bike ride or golf game, or a game of soccer in the evenings, sports are a staple part of a lot of our customers lives.

Of the Australian population aged 15 years and over, an estimated 60% (11.1 million people) report that they participate in sport and physical recreation per year. That’s a lot of active and fit people! Unfortunately being active and involved in sports can come at a price, namely; injuries. Injuries play a leading role in keeping people from continuing their sport, and unfortunately, the rate of injuries increases with age. Not good news.

The good news: We can help!

At Aushealth Physiotherapy, we understand that sports injuries are different to normal injuries and so our approach to them is a little different. Each sport requires specific muscle groups to function and this information is integral to a complete rehabilitation program. We analyse the sports specific requirements, check for muscular imbalances (maybe you’re too strong on one side and weak on the other), check for lignment issues (is your back and pelvis aligned correctly?) and functional abnormalities (is your golf swing restricted by your ribcage? Maybe your swimming stroke is limited by a stiff neck). We then relate these to your injury and with this information, develop a management plan that gets you back on the playing field quickly and safely and minimises the risk of further injury.

We treat a range of injuries, some of the more common are:

Shoulder injuries: Swimmers, golfers and rugby players in particular
Knee and ankle injuries: Very common in soccer, rugby and netball
Achilles and shin splints: Runners beware!
Lower back: Golfers, Cyclists, and Dancers
Wrists and elbows: Tennis/squash and snowboarders

physio northern beachesThe RICER approach to acute injury management is the best way to treat your injury until you can seek professional advice, then you can be advised what is safe for you to do and what the best management approach to your specific injury is.

We understand that you, as sports people, may not want to stop exercising completely when you are injured. Whilst a bit of down time may be required, we are able to offer safe alternatives to help you maintain your fitness without compromising your injury, until you can safely return to your sport.

So don’t sit on the sideline longer than you have to! You’ve worked hard to get fit and we understand that. Have your sports injury thoroughly assessed and rehabilitated and get back into your sport!