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It’s that time of year again, back to school! Growing kids will usually need a new pair of school shoes for the start of the new year so we’ve put together this blog to help make the process easier.

  • Use a sizing chart – make sure that you use a sizing chart so that you’re getting the optimal length shoe.
  • Measure both feet – it is common for children to have two different sized feet, so make sure you go with the larger size to make sure the bigger foot has enough room!
  • Measure the width of the foot – it is important to purchase a shoe that has the right width. There can be a large variation in foot widths and a good shoe shop will often have a selection of narrow and wide shoes to suit every foot. Your child should be able to wiggle their toes freely in the shoe.
  • Choose a shoe with a supportive arch – your child’s foot arches have often not fully developed yet so it is essential to have a shoe that provides some arch support while still being comfortable.
  • Don’t buy a size too big – it is often tempting to buy a larger size to allow for growth during the year, but this can often mean the arch support is in the wrong place and this is bad for their feet. It can also mean they are generally uncomfortable and cause blisters and may place them at higher risk of injury such as ankle sprain.
  • Buy something lightweight and flexible – shoes that are too heavy or rigid can cause unnatural movement of the joints in the foot and ankle and this can lead to a variety of other issues.
  • Buy something with a rubber sole – a school shoe needs to have a good grip to prevent slipping and provide good shock absorption with kids are on the go!

We hope this has been helpful. Happy buying!