Aushealth Physiotherapy is a multi-clinic structured company based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Aushealth Physiotherapy’s clinic infrastructure, including a site within a large Medical Centre, a Hydrotherapy Pool, and a purpose built Physio Rehabilitation Gym allows Aushealth Physiotherapists to implement acute to end-stage rehabilitation following injury or surgery.


Aushealth Physiotherapy is fast becoming an icon on the Northern Beaches. Our initial research found a large gap in the deliverance of total rehabilitation following injury or surgery and we set out to create what has now grown to be a leading provider for Northern Sydney’s residents, GP’s, orthopaedic surgeons, obstetricians, as well as insurers and sporting associations.


Aushealth Physiotherapy prides itself on providing quality, outcomes-based rehabilitation after injury or surgery. The company continues to focus on expanding clinic locations, service offerings, and speciality patient care on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


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